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This will basicaly be about my ant and some pictures of their set ups. Most of them will be in plaster set ups But the Campo colony will be in wood.

Camponotus pennsylvanicus 3 queens
*1- First queen has about 16eggs
*2- Second queen has about 9
*3- Third queen has 0 eggs proably infertile

Paratrechina parvula Colony 1 queen about 13 workers

Solenopsis molesta colony
4 queens in the colony about 30-40 workers

Camponotus pennsylvanicus

I basicaly have 3 queens all caught on the same night. 2 of them have laid eggs, one of them is suspected to be infertile.

Gerneral Size of the C. penn queen.

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Paratrechina parvula Colony

Had caught this colony about a month ago... Basicaly this is a small colony, not much activity. Theirs about 13 workers so it is a VERY small colony, they dont forage much and im worried they might die of starvation. They seem to get lost in the chambers
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Solenopsis molesta colony

A very neat little colony they have 5 queens, and 30-40 workers and a mass of eggs... They are acutaly theif ants, they steal eggs and other ants food. Iwill be stealing eggs for the ants to feed on. They can survive on sugar. but the ants need protine for the brood. The workers arelike 2-3 mm's and the queen is about 4 mm's  Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting