Carnivorous Plants Links Page

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Carnivorous plants Link Page

This Is a Page for Links to Usefull Sites, and forums, most of which I have learned most of what I know from!


Expert guidance from real people who have the know how about Carnivorous plants
Well, This Is basicaly  where I started learning about carnivorous plants, and how to grow them, its slow but  with out them I wouldnt have the knowladge I have today.
A Great place full of Lots of Information and Plants for sale
Great source of Carnivorous plants
Lots of great plants  Peter D' Amato's store
A GREAT book to have, full of information on basics of Carnivorous Plants
This site has an excelent Selection of Plants


Plant traders is great website to learn about common plants. I mod The Carnivorous plants board their.
Woodants  website about his plants, (he has a few CP's)