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Please Dont mind the Spelling, Im still working on the over all structure of the Site

Hey I’m Cody, I live in a small town in Ohio, surrounded by Corn. Not very exciting huh? Well look a little bit closer and you will find a world of Savage Carnivorous Plants along with Ants and many other interesting botanicals! That’s about all you need to know cause this isn’t a blog. This Is a Place to find Loads of information about Carnivorous plants, and what I can scavenge up about ants and if you want to know about my ant farms this is Definitely the place! I figured that this would be a great way to help people understand and get rid of some of the myths surrounding Carnivorous plants, and Keeping ants! They Both are Easy to get into, and it is twice as easy If you Fallow the Instructions That I give on how to care for youre Carnivorous plants Or ants! If that’s what you’re interested in doing!

I ask that you Contact me Before using any Pictures. I ask also that you please Site my page if you are using images or information for any reason. Thank you!

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You can Now Purchase Plants from this site their will be other plants for and their is a listing, but these are the Plants that are avilable
Common Venus flytrap
D. adalea



Basicaly Ive done some updating around the site trying to get some information on alot of the pages.

Nepenthes ventricosa(Above) Camponotus penncylvanicus (Bellow)

Carnivorous plants

Ok So If you want to start growing Carnivorous plants, this place is one of many places to learn HOW to grow carnivorous plants! Just do what I tell you, and don’t try get away with something else, and you will do fine!

I will cover most of the Carnivorous Plants That I grow, and what information I know about the others! There will be a brief description of them and where they come from and how to grow them!!

Covering Carnivorous plants such as-
and others

I hope you learn something from this site!

Ants and Ant Farms

Well As far as you know ants are little pests just waiting for you to drop you’re food and infest you’re home soon their after! Unfortunately it does happen I know. But ants are important to the eco system, making use of dead trees, cleaning up animals, keeping other worse pest population down. We can’t help that our homes just happen to be some great environments to have their homes! Their are all sorts of ants, from Giant Carpenter ants of Asia, to tiny ants where their whole colony lives in an acorn and could fit a whole colony in the later referenced ant's head. I get lots of information from A couple forums that you will have source to.