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Well this is it Carnivorous plants

Let me give you the shake down on this shindig I call cultivating Carnivorous Plants! It's easy fun and is something great to talk about once you really get into it! Also it's not hard at all to get into! Any person from any age group can do it, and if you follow some simple instructions, which I will post about, you will have NO problem getting into it as a little hobby. You may have one maybe two Venus flytraps or a hoard of Nepenthes! I hope you get as much from this if not twice as much as I put into it!

Information about Carnivorous plants

There is the Sarracenia

There is the Drosera

There is the Utricularia

And there is the Nepenthes

Last but not least, Dionae Muscipula

These are just a few carnivorous plants that I have in my collection, and they are also the ones you will learn about.

A little bit of nothing

Well really, I have to give thanks to the people at Terraforums and Gardenweb Carnivorous Plant forum for teaching me how to grow carnivorus plants and most of all Peter D'amato who wrote the "Savage Garden"! Without them I wouldn't have any knowledge or understanding of carnivorous plants. Without great suppliers like Cobraplants or Cooks I wouldn't be able to have carnivorous plants!

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